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We are company listing marketplace provider. We provide you in free of cost to post your own ads in various channels. Posted owners will get high conversion rate from our company. Its very compatible to all our ads. We are the preffered online ads portal marketplace were people can believe in.

Adding a company is easy. Just click on adding option and fill out the company details. All companys are manually reviewed before approval so make sure you fill out the data accurately.

We offer a featured ads company listing for 10$. Featured company will be featured on all of our pages. For all inquiries about featuring your company please visit advertising page or contact us.

Once listed, your link is displayed permanently as long as Hotscripts exists.

We have three different types of membership plan as per the plan ads will be displayed.

Free Membership – Lifetime (low priority, No label on ads) Premium Membership – 1, 6 and 12 months plan(2nd priority with label)

Sponsor Membership - 1, 6 and 12 months plan(1st priority with label)

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